Friday 18 December 2015

Apologies for that! It's been nearly a year since our last blog post - which is very remiss. However, we do update our Facebook page on a regular basis so for the latest info and work examples follow us there:

That aside, we've had another great year producing loads of work for a variety of excellent clients.

Below are just a few of the visual highlights from 2015:  infographics, music promotion, newsletters, reports, logos, retail advertising and websites...

But first - our seasonal greeting:

Inspired by type specimen sheets

Diagnose Me Infographic

And they're back - with revised name and a Spirit of '76 logo

Ominicell newsletter - Adherence matters - discussing medicine wastage in the NHS 

Trinity PR - this is how they do it.

 CRY Week infographic

Hughes & Mercy's Motown Night

Just the facts - for Clement Clarke

The Finchley Society needs you!

The headlines write themselves!

Recruitment advertising can be fun

Skills for health e-learning

24 Page report on Adherence

Ferguson Hill's new website

Wednesday 28 January 2015

Beer infographic 2015

Infographic to be used as part of a campaign to increase awareness of low alcohol beers as a healthier alternative to higher strength beers or wines. Client: BBPA & Trinity PR

Wednesday 2 April 2014

Lunch Bier by Anton Stankowski

How times change - Lunch Bier 

One from the history books - 1965 Lunch Bier. Logo Designed by Anton Stankowski - it seems this was an attempt to create a national beer brand for then West German market by standardising the labelling and packaging yet brewing and bottling locally.

Lunch Bier logo and Bottles

Lunch Bier Packaging and Transportation

Lunch Bier Point of Sale, brnaded accessories and storage

Thursday 20 March 2014

New online typography Project

Inspired by our wall posters we've created - an online font project using Adobe Muse and Adobe Typekit. The plan is to grow the site over time - adding new pages and fonts.

We feel it's a nicer way to view the typefaces available via Adobe Typekit using a simple typographic background template and subtle colours.

Thursday 13 March 2014

New Typography posters for the walls

We're looking at brightening up the office with these:

Wednesday 5 February 2014

Pizza Hut

With the return to simpler ways that we've documented over the years - starting with Coke and most recently Microsoft - it's about time Pizza Hut looked at their branding and go back to their classic logo...