Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Right now we're focusing our attention on promoting our business, with the sole intention of increasing our profile to attract new business. While we are busy at the moment with 2 two major website projects, and many print projects, our gut feeling is that things seem to be slowing down.

With this in mind we are actually stepping up our marketing activity, adding pages to our website, creating this new blog and reaching out to our customer base and collecting testimonials – an exercise that has been entirely successful in so much as hearing from clients that we haven't heard from in a while, and getting glowing references to add to our site.

Here are a few samples:

"(The exhibition stand you created) attracted so much attention in our products that I was interviewed by the local TV station!"

Alistair Frost
Vitec Air Systems Limited


Throrough, detailed and creative. Refreshing to find a creative agency that listens and understands the business goals."
Christopher Crosby

TMA - Transnational Management Associates Ltd.

So big thanks Chris and Alistair for these and everyone else who said great things about us.

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