Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Pepsi revsioned

Back in February we noted that the Coke can had taken a bold step backwards by loosing all the bells and whistles off it's packaging and reverting to their bold white and red packaging of yore... well, in a bold step forward it has come to our attention that Pepsi have redesigned their packaging too. The results are above.

There is definitely a move towards simplicity here and we like the how the 'e' in Pepsi has a wave on it's centre bar, reminiscent of the swoosh in previous Pepsi logo. The new Roundel however we are not convinced by. We've seen all the tins together of for diet and zeros sub brands etc and each roundel is slightly different, representing soemthing but we are not quite sure what. But in fairness, we need to see them together in the flesh - or tin - to decide if we like or not. At this moment, this design is purely a US development as far as we can tell.

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