Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Life's too Short's Warwick Davis' Willow Management Website

We recently put the finishing touches on a new website for Willow Management, the real life talent agency run by Warwick Davis, star of Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant's new BCC's Comedy, Life's To Short.

Willow Management - The biggest agency for short actors in the world - approached both us and DJA Online late last year to redevelop their talent agency's website. The main objective of the site was for it to be easy for casting directors to view the pictures and videos of all the talent that Willow has to offer, and for the agency to easily update the profile of all the actors on their books.

Another part of the brief was help develop the brand - both Peter and Warwick believe passionately in using real actors for 'short' roles in TV & movies, as no matter how good the technology is, it still can't replicate a real actor. 

We helped with the tone of voice and art directed the photoshoot, while incorporating existing elements of their brand into their design.

Warwick's film roles include most of the Harry Potter movies, Willow, Return of the Jedi, Leprechaun, along with TV Roles including a cameo on Extra's - where Ricky Gervais appears to kick Warwick in the face.

In the new show, Warwick plays a version of himself, an actor, who runs an agency for short actors, but who keeps all the best jobs for himself, is divorced, owes the tax man thousands and is struggling to stay afloat, but agrees to let a film crew film him for a documentary...

It will be broadcast Thursday 10 November on BBC2.

Saturday, 5 November 2011

EMIN BARIN - Turkish Typographer

We love the work of Turkish Typogrpaher calligrapher, design and bookbinder, Emin Barin.

The following text is extracted from a website dedicated to his work:

Emin Barın was a multi-faceted graphic artist. In his own field, he was a distinguished example of the harmony of art and craft, which is to say creativity and craftsmanship. First and foremost he was a master of script; the last link of in the chain of traditional Islamic calligraphic art and the beginning of a new calligraphy that was both Western and secular. Yes, he was a passionate lover of calligraphy, but it wasn't just calligraphy. The art of the book is a nexus that brings together writing, paper, illumination/illustration and binding. And that is the art at which Emin Barın was passionate about and in which he excelled.

He put the loops of a broken chain back together in a highly creative way. He was able to raise a form of alphabet the top that was new to Turkey, while also working in reviving a past heritage which had the danger of vanishing.

Emin Barın the calligrapher, Emin Barın the bookbinder, Emin Barın the teacher, Emin Barın the art collector.  Talking about Emin Barin, one cannot overlook any of his many identities. However, he first comes to one's mind as a calligrapher. Not just because he was a master of script, but because he was the end of an era as well as being the beginning of another era. With his life and work, Emin Barın, was one of the best examples the new Turkish Republic's modern and universal way of approaching the heritage of the past culture and art.

Learn more about the man here and see examples of his work here