Monday, 20 February 2012

To be worn with some irony...?

After flying the other day with the "orange alternative" and landing at London Luton Airport, I got to thinking about the airline no one seems to say anything positive about and why I only use it reluctantly. It got me thinking, this airline is in need of positive PR - especially when faced with an online anti fan sites or BBC Panorama's programme. So we thought - for free - we could invert the negative and crete a feel good message and emblazon it on some merchandise. So we fused the brand name with a Milton Glaser heart and voila! Either completely unsellable merchandise, or cult hit to be worn with an ironic smile...

Friday, 3 February 2012

Ferguson Hill Launch FHOO9 Home Theatre System

After much fine tuning Ferguson Hill launch the long awaited FHOO9 Home Theatre System to rave reviews.

This stylish addition to any home won 5 stars in a 3 way test in iCreate Magazine and was equally well received in the Daily Mail, the former saying "The clarity of the Sound is amazing" and the latter saying "The best home cinema speakers ever made"

Read more reviews here.

Hughes Design have been working with Ferguson Hill for many years supplying creative direction. Aside from Copywriting, Art direction packaging design, together with DJA online we recently updated the Ferguson Hill website.