Monday, 16 May 2011

Quick Website

We've just set up a very simple website using, an easy-to-use online website creation tool - and all for under £30 (not including the person of hours, writing, design etc). is simple to use. They supply hosting and a domain purchasing service, so all you need to do is create the content and upload it to one of their free or premium templates. You can also pull content from other sites like Flikr, YouTube, and SoundCloud so that your site has a rich media feel, and as standard all the social media tools one needs are there to let the world know you're new site is up.

In the above example we created a nostalgia site for a band that no longer plays together, but is fondly remembered. Being a band they had plenty of artwork and photography to choose from, plus songs and some fan made videos. After a few minutes of familiarising ourselves with the controls, we were building the site, creating pages with music from SoundCloud, videos from YouTube and a map from Google.

The design controls are pretty intuitive too, allowing you upload background images, change the colour and transparency of overlays and choose from a huge family of fonts of which you can customise size and colour. You can add pictures to the text pages, however to do this you need know a little about ftp and html. You also set up a contact form to receive comments form visitors and create links to your favorite sites.

While it's not the perfect solution for every need - it has many design customisation limitations -  for this particular project it was perfect.

It's also perfect learning tool if you are new to web building - it's a great way to use trial ideas to get accustomed what works and what doesn't, because you can quickly test designs, font sizes and add and take away content with a click. For the novice enthusiast this is a great way to learn and showcase your work.

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