Sunday, 24 July 2011

Mongolian British Chamber of Commerce Identity and Website

The Mongolian economy is expected to grow at an increasing rate over the next few years, as the yet untapped copper reserves at Oyu Tolgoi (possibly the largest copper reserve in the world) and others mines are set to become available. With that Mongolia is likely to become the focus of massive international investment as it's neighbours to the south and north (Russia and China) likely to be  Mongolia's first customers for Mongolia's resources. These developments mean there are opportunities for British expertise in the this region, hence the newly established Mongolian British Chamber of Commerce.

We have just produced this logo for the Chamber, along with developing a website with our Digital Partner DJA Online.

The logo incorporates elements from the Mongolian flag combined with the British Red White and Blue: The symbols from the flag have deep cultural meaning within Mongolia and we have been careful to be respectful :  The fire at the top of it represents prosperity, contentment and regeneration. The three flames represent the past, present and future. The sun and moon symbolize the universe and are believed by Mongolians to be the mother (sun) and father (moon) of their nation. The triangles pointing at the ground are arrowheads and represent Mongolian's willingness to defend their nation. The horizontal rectangles stand for honesty, justice and righteousness. The middle circle can be interpreted as the Buddhist yin and yang symbol, which represents complementary opposite forces existing together in the universe - such as positive and negative, male and female, passive and active, fire and water, etc. The circle can also be interpreted as two fish that never close their eyes, representing the watchfulness and vigilance of Mongolians. The vertical rectangles represent pillars which symbolize strength, resolve and hardness. We have worked this into a typographic arrangement, to create a unified logo type that is both British and Mongolian.

The goal of the identity is to represent the spirit of economic co-operation being forged between Britain and Mongolia.

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